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Sustainable businesses in Wyong contributing to a greener future

Wyong is a thriving town in New South Wales that is home to many businesses with a commitment to environmental sustainability. These businesses recognise the importance of reducing their carbon footprint, conserving resources, and protecting nature for the well-being of present and future generations. By adopting eco-friendly practices and products, they are not only fulfilling their ethical responsibilities but also gaining economic advantages, attracting environmentally-conscious customers, and contributing to the community's resilience.

Here are some of the sustainable businesses in Wyong that exemplify the spirit of Eco Green:

1. Solarpro

Category: Solar power

Benefits: Solar energy is a renewable, clean, and abundant source of electricity that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and energy bills. Solarpro offers high-quality solar panels, inverters, batteries, and installations that match the needs and budgets of homes and businesses across Wyong. With more than 10 years of experience, Solarpro has become a trusted and affordable provider of solar solutions that save money and protect the environment.

Contact: Phone: 0409 762 598; Email: info@solarpro.com.au

2. Earth Walker & Co.

Category: Eco-conscious products

Benefits: Earth Walker & Co. is a family-owned business that seeks to promote sustainable living by offering a wide range of organic, natural, and plastic-free products that are locally made or ethically sourced. From skincare and cleaning supplies to stationery and homewares, Earth Walker & Co. strives to reduce waste, support local artisans, and educate customers on the benefits of eco-friendly living. By choosing to buy from Earth Walker & Co., residents of Wyong can support a small business that cares about the planet and the community.

Contact: Phone: 0492 948 734; Email: hello@earthwalkerco.com.au

3. Central Coast Smart Homes

Category: Home automation

Benefits: Central Coast Smart Homes is a company that offers smart home technology that can enhance the energy efficiency, comfort, and security of homes while reducing their environmental impact. By integrating systems such as lighting, heating, cooling, and appliances, residents of Wyong can control their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. The smart home technology also enables remote monitoring, voice control, and customisation, making homes more convenient and accessible. Central Coast Smart Homes provides personalised solutions and expert advice to help customers achieve their sustainable and smart living goals.

Contact: Phone: 0425 267 773; Email: info@centralcoastsmarthomes.com.au

4. Greenfield Specialty Alcohols

Category: Biofuels

Benefits: Greenfield Specialty Alcohols is a leading manufacturer of high-quality biofuels that are made from renewable feedstocks such as corn, wheat, and sugar beet. Biofuels can replace fossil fuels in transportation and stationary applications, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on non-renewable resources. Greenfield Specialty Alcohols operates a state-of-the-art facility in Wyong that uses advanced processing technologies to produce cost-effective and sustainable ethanol and other bioproducts. By supporting Greenfield Specialty Alcohols, businesses and individuals can contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy and support local jobs.

Contact: Phone: (02) 4350 1100; Email: info@gfsa.com

5. The Source Bulk Foods

Category: Zero waste

Benefits: The Source Bulk Foods is a zero-waste grocery store that offers a wide range of organic, unpackaged, and minimally processed foods and household items that are free from artificial additives and single-use packaging. By buying in bulk, customers can reduce food waste, save money, and customise their portions. The Source Bulk Foods also supports local suppliers, promotes ethical and fair trade practices, and educates the community on the benefits of reducing waste and choosing healthy and sustainable products. By shopping at The Source Bulk Foods, residents of Wyong can contribute to a circular and regenerative economy.

Contact: Phone: (02) 4350 1100; Email: info@thesourcebulkfoods.com.au

These are just some of the businesses that contribute to Eco Green in the town of Wyong. By recognising their efforts and supporting their products and services, we can amplify their impact and inspire others to join the green movement.

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